Welcome to zoomethiopia.

You are here so, you must interested to know about zoomethiopia.

Zoomethiopia is free Ethiopian business directory where any business owner can add their business in zoomethiopia for free. Also, we have primary and premium paid plan available with additional features.

If we talk about consumers in Ethiopia than any user of zoomethiopia can find the best business near them based on gps.

You can find and access the business near you based on location, review and rating. In addition to that you can also contact to that business owner directly.

You can get contact number, website, address and social media links with phone number of that business in zoomethiopia.

For users it is free business directory. And for business owner also zoomethiopia is free business directory but they can choose the paid plans.

The head office of zoomethiopia is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our mission

The mission of zoomethiopia is to let all the small and large business focused on tour , travel and attractions owners take their business online. At least may be they are not able to make business website of their business. So, zoomethiopia wants to helps those business owners, who wants to appears online.

As we know the online customers are going to increase day by day and they do shopping online and also they search for information online.

Suppose if you live in your city from a long time, than it is possible that you may have the detail of business near you but what if any traveler comes to your city?

Probably they don’t know much about your city. They don’t know where to go for good food and where to go for travel places to visit in your city.

Also you can find hotels, restaurants and tour agencies.

Among the list open in your mobile you can filter the business by rating given by people, and the business near you by location and many more features.

So, basically we wants to help those people who don’t know about the best business in their city and wants to explore specific business.

We like suggestions, If you give suggestion about how can we improve our services than it will be our pleasure.

Thank you for visiting zoomethiopia.

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